Services to Large Enterprises & SMEs

OnTime has been working with hundreds of small to medium-sized companies across wide range of industries, helping them achieve their full business potential from different perspective.

SME's GDP share in the UAE

SMEs, which account for 86 % of the total workforce in the country, are the chief enablers of economic diversification, innovation and the shift to a knowledge-based economy. The UAE is giving priority to SMEs across policies and initiatives with an aim to boost GDP share of the segment in national economy to 70 % from 60 % by 2021.

Government Agencies that deliver and administer government services, and provide core services to other agencies have similar government management responsibilities. Not only must they operate efficiently to better serve citizen and agency customers, they must also set policy and implement key governmental initiatives.

OnTime Consultancy & Investment is a sister concern of OnTime Government Services (OGS); which is the largest government service provider in Dubai with 27 branches operationally active in Dubai alone. Our branches are conveniently located within the premises of government entities. We aim to leverage the unique advantages of our group companies to aid international and local investors establish a credible base in the country with complete customer happiness.