IT Engineering and Cloud Computing

It is the intention of OnTime Consultancy to utilize the OnTime Group’s years of experience to manage the service delivery processes through innovative technology and management solutions from the A to the Z. Services such as IT Engineering and Cloud Computing, Strategic Quality Management and Efficient Operations are what we emphasize on with our clients. This helps our clients streamline processes and improve government services management.

We utilize advanced technology that helps in controlling the process flow of service transactions as well as maintaining the agreed upon service level agreements for each of the government transaction types. We also have access to government systems which optimize the efficiency and speed of service delivery.

In this domain, we provide expert consultancy on the following services:

  • Helpdesk Management
  • Data Backup & Storage Management
  • Network & Asset Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Server & Desktop Management
  • Network Management
  • Telecom Network Services